Grace House

Grace House Augusta, Inc.

Grace House Augusta is an eight bed women’s sober living residence. We provide a safe, structured place for women struggling with alcoholism and addiction, and we are committed to helping women break free from addiction and experience the joy of living. Our mission is to provide women in recovery the opportunity to build a foundation living free of alcohol and drugs through loving and intentional discipline and structure.

Residents pay an admission fee of $1,200 (covering first 30 days of living expenses) and contribute to their living expenses ($200 per week after 30 days) as they move toward self-sufficiency.

How We Help

Grace House Augusta empowers women to become all they can be physically, mentally and spiritually. Our residents are serious about sobriety and invested in putting in the work to recover and become self-supporting. We walk alongside each resident during their time at Grace House to support them through their sobriety journey, giving them the confidence and security they need to move beyond addiction.

Our Services

Grace House Augusta is a 12-month residential recovery house for any woman who wants to learn how to live without alcohol and/or drugs. Our program is 12-step based and it includes housing, utilities, phone/cable/internet, bedding/linens/towels and all meals, as well as life skills training, peer support and transportation to employment, meetings, appointments and other approved activities.


Grace House Augusta is a non-profit organization. Your donations allow us to more effectively support the women in our program. All donations are tax deductible. For more information, call 706-294.3885.