Grace House

Our Services

Grace House Augusta is a 12-month residential recovery house for any woman who wants to learn how to live without alcohol and/or drugs.

Our comprehensive program is 12-step based and it includes the following services:
  • Life skills training
  • Peer support
  • Weekly in-house meetings
  • All meals
  • Housing, utilities, cable/internet
  • Bedding, linens, towels
  • Laundry facilities and detergent
  • Telephone services
  • Transportation to 12-step meetings, work, doctor’s appointments, outings and to run personal errands
  • Random drug & alcohol screenings
  • Monthly probation updates

House Guidelines

  • Residents are required to work enough hours to meet their weekly financial obligation to the house after 90 days – with the intention to become self-supporting
  • Residents must remain drug and alcohol free (Residents must submit to drug and alcohol screens upon request.)
  • Residents must adhere to house curfew and buddy system requirements
  • Residents must be with another member of the residential community while away from the residence, unless at work
  • Residents cannot use their cell phone, laptop, or personal vehicle during the orientation period of residency (90 days)
If meeting requirements & abiding by house guidelines are met, residents may earn a two day, one-night family visit at 90 days.
Visits from there on will be every 6 weeks. At 9 months, a visit once a month is possible.
Driving privilege, limited in scope, may be earned after 90 days, if residents are in good standing and possess a current valid driver license, insurance and tag.